Money, money, money

Is it just me or has the world been talking about money a lot lately? Like more than usual. Maybe it has to do with it being the end of the month and I feel like I haven’t stopped spending money (mostly on necessary things) since my pay dropped into my account. [sarcasm font] Because, you know, I’m just rolling in the cash.[/sarcasm font]

Kids and money

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South African Bloggers badge/widget

South African Bloggers

A couple of weeks ago I created a group on Facebook to try and gather South African bloggers into one place. Nothing serious, just a place where bloggers can share their blog posts and where people can get to meet each other.

It’s grown quite a bit since I started it and I thought I’d create a blog badge for those who wanted to share the community with their readers.

You can check out the group here: South African Bloggers

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Good night, Sir Terry Pratchett

Author, friend, father, wizard

Author, friend, father, wizard

The story has just broken that you have passed away and I can only describe what I’m feeling as heartbroken. I’m choking back tears at my desk and I know countless others are doing the same.

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My sexy new glasses from Mullers Optometrists

When you spend as much time as I do in front of a PC screen, sometimes the human eyes just can’t take the abuse any longer and they get tired. Real tired.

After my last pair of glasses were no longer doing the trick, seeing as I got them about 10 years ago, I finally decided to put my medical aid to good use and get myself a new pair of specs.


Pretty packaging is always a win.

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