The curse of the horny kitten


This cat-raising business is not for the faint of heart, you guys. Daniel and I had a HELL of a weekend dealing with little Miss Pixel being on heat. Like on the hottest of heat.

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The Internet is rough today


There are times when the Internet can be harder than usual.

I’m no stranger to the web and it’s ridiculous and mystical ways. On some days, the Internet is filled with new bacon-wrapped something and silly videos.

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Take this from me and I will hurt you

We’re here again, folks! Day 4 of the #WritersBootcampZA challenge and the prompt is: ‘I just couldn’t live without…’

This was another tough one for me. I thought “my cellphone!” and then realised I’d actually be okay. It would suck without my cellphone but I’d live, you know? Same for my hearing, sight, home etc. There’s very little (other than the obvious oxygen) that I can’t live without. Physically.

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The ‘F’ word

Day 3 of the #WritersBootcampZA challenge. Today’s prompt: One of my greatest fears.

Yesterday’s prompt was about my favourite words and I can say that “fear” is by far my LEAST favourite word. I hate every feeling it forces onto my brain. I hate the tight squeeze in my chest. I hate being controlled by a feeling that does nothing but spread negativity.

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For the love of words!

Phew. Just squeaking in today’s #WritersBootcampZA post. Today’s prompt is “my 5 favourite words”.

As someone whose job it is to write everyday (which I do at, words are so special. At times they all seem to jumble together too. Especially after a long day of looking for the perfect word.

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I bet you didn’t know…

I’ve decided to take part in the #WritersBootcampZA challenge where a new topic is posted every day and then you say a little something about it. Because who doesn’t love a challenge, right?

Disclaimer: I enjoy attempting the #FMSphotoaday challenges on Instagram every month but most months I fail, so there’s that.

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Take my blood, take my organs

Candy heart

Have you ever considered what will happen to your body once you die?

A little morbid for a Monday, right? But just hear me out.

We have all of these useful little things that our bodies are made up of and once we die, they just rot and turn to dust. It seems a bit of a waste doesn’t it?

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My wisdom is killing me

I’m teething, you guys.

I’m also apparently getting wiser but currently the pain radiating through my cranium is making it hard to think anything but “ow”. Wisdom teeth? That’s some crazy false advertising right there.



In fact, I spent a large chunk of the early hours of this morning ugly crying and clutching my face because I thought the intense pain may actually drive me mad.

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