The worst things about living in a complex

Before moving in with The Husband person, I’d only ever lived with my parents in a regular standalone house. A few months before my wedding, my parents moved into a complex which is open and lovely. Nothing like a normal complex living situation.

Now Daniel and I live in a security complex on the first floor and it’s really nice. It’s clean and super safe but living in close proximity to so many strangers has definite negatives. Here are a few of them.

Angry Pusheen is my spirit animal

Angry Pusheen is my spirit animal

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Making adult decisions


As Daniel and I near our first year of marriage I’ve been thinking a lot about what it really means to be an adult.

I’ve never really felt my age, being the baby of 3 kids will do that to you, and even now at 25 they still make me feel like a little girl. My siblings are 13 and 10 years older than me so they’ll always have that one up. I’m okay with that.

At 16, I was sure I’d feel like an adult at 18. At 18, I thought that moment would come at 21. Rinse and repeat. Now at 25, as a married woman, I’m starting to feel a little like an adult. Not every day though. That would be silly.

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If you’ve been following me or this blog for a while, you’ll no that about 8 months ago, The Husband lost his job.

He was originally retrenched from Chaos Computers and soon after got another (short-lived) job that he didn’t enjoy but was let go because of bad planning on the part of the employer.

All-in-all, not ideal for a couple that had only been married a couple of months. It was rather stressful and an unexpected turn.

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Newly-weds: The good and the awful

The awful job situation – AN UPDATE

On the job hunt… Again

BUT – now, after all these months, there’s good news!

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