We took our cat to the park…


…on a leash.

I know that may sound strange to many of you but Pixel is an indoor kitty who, up until last week, was not able to be friends with boy cats because before you know it she could’ve come home pregnant.

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You know you’re married when…

…you get excited about hanging your new shower curtain.

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Here’s why the #CTmeetup rocked!

Waiting for dim sum!

Yesterday was an awesome day. I slept in late, took a train to Cape Town with Daniel and then had a lovely walk through the town I love the most. We did that in order for me to attend the #CTmeetup.

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How to deal with Internet trolls


As a well-mannered human being who spends a LOT of time on the Internet, I have come across many a troll.

YouTube, Twitter, News24 comments sections: They’re everywhere.

They lurk in the dark corners of the Internet attacking perfectly nice people and ruining days wherever they go. It’s sad.

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The curse of the horny kitten


This cat-raising business is not for the faint of heart, you guys. Daniel and I had a HELL of a weekend dealing with little Miss Pixel being on heat. Like on the hottest of heat.

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The Internet is rough today


There are times when the Internet can be harder than usual.

I’m no stranger to the web and it’s ridiculous and mystical ways. On some days, the Internet is filled with new bacon-wrapped something and silly videos.

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