An afternoon at the Crystal Towers


The gals from Food24, Women24 and Parent24 were in for a treat yesterday when we went for an afternoon of learning how to roll sushi (and little did we know) spoiling by the awesome staff at the Crystal Towers. Gosh.

After being fetched in a shuttle, we were treated like princesses with goodie bags (including a free night’s stay at the hotel and ‘family’ bracelets), personalised aprons and all round pampering.

Afterwards we were treated to food, cocktails (and anything else we wanted for those of us who don’t drink) and time at the pool. What more could we ask for!

I can’t wait to spend my night at the hotel and would totally recommend the hotel and sushi rolling course to anyone. I’m still reeling after such a great time. Check out the pics…

Look how chuffed we are with our rad aprons.
Our sushi chef, Ya-wen, was engaging and very cool.
Hard at play. Rolling sushi was fairly easy and quite relaxing.
Sushi! Made by us.
Strawberries wrapped in black forest ham. So noms.
Yummy chicken kebabs. Mmmm
Vegetable spring rolls. I missed these but they look awesome!
The pool area is stunning!
All in all, much relaxing, fun and laughter was had by all. If you’re ever looking for a place to splash out and treat yourself, this would be the place to do it.

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