3 things I love

Love by ~Pure-Poison89 (Deviantart)

Every now and then, new things pop into your life and you just fall in love. Books, music, games, a new car maybe? It can be absolutely anything. They make our lives just a little happier, don’t they? Well here are mine.


1. New Music: Explosions in the Sky

After watching Friday Night Lights (okay, I pretty much inhaled that fantastic show), Zayaan suggested a band called Explosions in the Sky. This is the same band who does the music soundtrack for Friday Night Lights. So bascially, how could I not love them? They’re an instrumental band and the music is beautiful (no Nicki Minaj here). It’s filled with so many feels.

Listen and enjoy


2. New books: John Gone

This love is not so much for the book itself (which is good on it’s own so far) but for 2 smaller issues.

2.1 The love of reading in general. It’s just such a wonderful escape from everyday life that I am  grateful to have the skill/opportunity to indulge in. I’m also grateful/proud that I have a love for reading at all.

2.2 I am loving reading new and different types of books. I decided to try John Gone (which I randomly picked up for free) after it was sitting on my Kindle for a couple of months. I got into a rut of reading the same couple of authors over and over and I needed something fresh. And it’s awesome. Yay!


3. New Iron Man 3 trailer

I love me some Robert Downey Junior and I love the Iron Man series just as much. It was fantastic to watch the new full-length trailer (so far) of the latest installment. I can’t wait for the movie!

Again, watch and enjoy.

What are some of your favourite things at the moment?

Spending time together

My Duckie <3
My Duckie <3

I’ve realised that all too often we take spending time alone with our partner for granted.

Last night Daniel and I went out for dinner and a movie alone for the first time in months and it was fantastic. For a non-married couple we spend a lot of time together anyway, but it’s different when you’re alone together.

He spends most nights at my house on the futon and we often game together (one on the PC, one on the PS3) but you can’t really beat sitting across from each other at a table and just chatting.

We spoke about work and all the changes are that happening for both of us and we laughed and joked. We didn’t have to constantly be touching and kissing and slobbering on each other. That’s not a relationship.

A relationship is made of loving each other enough to care what you’re talking about. A relationship is me being really interested about what’s happening at work, even though it has nothing to do with me. A relationship is being able to sit quietly and not feel awkward. It’s obviously many more things too, but it’s important to have someone that you can talk to about all of your interests, worries, hurts and happies.

I had that last night. And I’ve had that for the last 5 years. I’m one lucky girl, I know.

Enough of the soppy!

Okay, no more soppy stuff. On a different note, the movie Daniel and I ended up watching (at 22:50 last night) was Johnny English: Reborn. Good grief, it’s hilarious! The lols were brought.

It’s a fairly long movie and we left the theatre (having been the only 2 watching that particular movie) at 00:45. Our movie was also that last one to come out. The poor staff had to wait around until nearly 1am just for the two of us… Awkward.


I have 2 videos of the day for you.

First off, Agnes (from Despicable Me) singing The Unicorn Song

And then Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO because it’s such a fun weekend song. Love it!

And with that – Have a good weekend, everyone! x

Everybody hurts…

There’s been a lot of pain in the lives of the people I love lately.

Loss, fighting, heartache, uncertainty. In all honesty, it sucks.

I cried more in this week than I have my entire life. Puffy face much? Yup.

For someone who pretty much feeds off of other people’s emotions, it’s not easy having the people you truly love trying to mend their broken hearts around you.

Even worse is that I can’t fix it. There’s nothing I can do but hold my best friend’s hand and pray that the pain comes to a swift end.

I guess love and a hug when they need it is the only way to keep going forward.

Also, this song is stuck in my head… Your turn for an earworm!

R.E.M – Everybody Hurts

Love and happy thoughts,


Video of the Day: Graeme Watkins Project!

Graeme Watkins Project
Graeme Watkins Project

If you haven’t heard of South Africa’s coolest band, Graeme Watkins Project, I’m about to change your life.

The video below was the first taste I had of this awesome band. They’re edgy and the music is chilled. I’m definitely a fan!

There’s more: See that chick with the black hat and blue jersey in the video? That’s me! Haha. Mini-famous. That’s me.

They came to visit the 24.com offices and Channel24 interviewed them. Here’s the article. (Click it!)

So for now, enjoy this video of GWP performing Holding On:

The sleepy week of DOOM! (And a SOTD)

Yes, this is a Pokemom. He likes to sleep. He is Snorlax.

I don’t know about you guys but I have been a sleepy sausage this entire week. No matter how early or late I go to bed, I’m tired. No matter how well I sleep or if I had dreams or not, I’m tired.


And I know I’m not the only one. Food24‘s Meagan and my work-spouse, Zayaan, have also been sleepy chickens this week.

Thankfully it’s weekend and I’m sure there will be some lazy nap times in my future. I sure need them.

Right now, all that’s keeping me awake is the music blasting in my ears. And just like that, there’s a song of the day:

30 Seconds to Mars: Closer to the edge

Thank you Darling Jared, Shannon and Tomo.

Also, I wrote a Doting Aunt Parent24 blog: Where Luke has a temper and Amy has the joy of a herd of sparkly unicorns. Read ‘No HELLO, Amy!’.

From a sleepy Robi, happy weekend everyone! x

P.S. I changed the look of my blog. You like?