Dear downstairs neighbours, I’m sorry

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Neighbours. Whether they’re banging on the walls or stealing your parking spot, it’s always an adventure. I’ve shared before how living in a complex surrounded by neighbours can be… fun. But having strangers above and below you can also suck quite a bit. Like life, complex living has its ups and downs.

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I’m not a particularly noisy person but there are times when I’ll shriek or sing or stomp around, I’m only human after all. It’s at those times when I suddenly remember that we don’t live alone on a plot all by ourselves, but there are infact neighbours that live below us.


Our complex consists of 2 and 3 storey buildings and we’re on the top floor of a 2 storey set of flats. I enjoy being on the top floor but having to consider others is a real thing. Whether I’m moving furniture at midnight or randomly blow drying my hair at 3 in the morning (it’s happened) or even if things get a little too noisy in other parts of the house (you know what I mean), I often have to remind myself that there are people under our feet.

I’m not going to lie, I live my life and the neighbours will just have to deal with that, but I won’t be rolling bowling balls or jumping around with boots on for hours on end. That’s just rude. And that’s the balance, right? Living your life while still being courteous enough to consider others.

Everyone’s Upstairs Neighbours

When I spotted this video though, I couldn’t help but laugh. I’m sorry, dear downstairs neighbours, I promise I’ll never do this to you – even if it sounds like I do…

Source: Youtube/Above Average

Do any of you live with neighbours below or above you? Does it affect how you live your life? I want to know!

For now, happy weekend!


2 thoughts on “Dear downstairs neighbours, I’m sorry

  1. haha That video, we used to be upstairs neigbours and one day my mom was hanging things on the walls and the downstairs guy came knocking to ask if we also hear someone hammering and my mom was like err it’s me.

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