Do you treasure your time?

Time fades, leaves fall

A little while ago I wrote about the decisions Daniel and I had made regarding having a baby and expanding our little family. It’s a huge decision and one we haven’t made easily. We realise that our entire lives will change and we’re okay with that.

More and more people, especially mothers, have been telling me about how I must make the most of my time before we have a baby. “Appreciate sleeping in! Appreciate alone time with your husband! Go out at night while you still can!”

All of this is good advice and it’s made me think so much more our time.

We’re all born with only so much time on the clock and soon as our lives start, those minutes start to run out. So why do we let people and circumstances that we have control over steal those precious moments from us?


I’ve always been the kind of person that finds it increasingly difficult to say no. If anyone ever asked a favour of me or put me in the difficult situation where saying no to someone is awkward, I’d avoid that at all costs. I’d blurt out ‘yes’ before even really thinking about it. Or even worse, I would think about it. A lot. I’d think about how much I didn’t want to do that particular thing, or be around those particular people, or spend my time at that particular place. Then I’d over think about how much the person who put me in this position would be hurt if I turned them down and I’d say yes. Every single time.

But I’ve grown over the last year or so. I’ve learned that my time is too precious.

My time is too precious even thinking about people who don’t deserve a since minute of my head space. My time too precious to be doing something that I don’t want to do and don’t have to do. My time is too precious to be spent worrying, or stressing, or obsessing over a situation that I have no control over.

It’s harder than it sounds. It really is. But I’ve decided to start treasuring my time.

Treasuring your time means saying no, even if you think someone may be hurt that you didn’t think of them instead of yourself.

Treasuring my time means blocking people on Facebook because they start to take up too much real estate in your mind whenever they pop into your feed, thanks to old hurts and memories.

Treasuring time means choosing to make the best of your time at all costs and whenever possible. Whether that means branching out into something new or just choosing now to obsess over finances but rather read a book. Even if just for a single hour.

At the end of the day, your time is yours. It doesn’t belong to anyone else unless you give it to them. And often times, that happens without us even realising it.

I’m no self-help guru but I think treasuring time is something we could all do a little bit more of, for our own mental health and well-being, if for nothing else.

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