Don’t be scared, it’s just new

Scary night

How often are we scared of new and unknown things in our lives?

As little children, going to school and not having your parents around is terrifying. When you start high school, it’s scary not having your old friends and teachers around. Starting a new job, going to a party where you don’t really have any friends or moving to a new country are all frightening experiences too.

The thing is, once you’re knee deep in new people, new experiences and the initial fear has worn off, everything is okay. Suddenly you can’t remember why you were so scared to start off with. 

I’m experiencing that now. As most of you know, I resigned from my job after 7 years at Parent24 and I’m now wading into a whole new experience of being my own boss, setting my own times to work and only answering to myself (and my big brother, Shane, who I’m running the company with). Last week, on my last day at Parent24, I was excited but mostly horrified at the thought of jumping into this new adventure. But now it’s Wednesday, a mere 3 days into this voyage, and I’m suddenly only excited.

I’m SO busy and I still have SO much to do before I officially introduce Inkfish Digital to all of you, but it’s the most fun. 

I looked over at Daniel tonight after doing something for the first time and I couldn’t help but grin. “I’m doing the thing, sweetie. I was so scared but I’m doing it!” My always awesome husband looked back at me, put his hand up for a high five and said, “Yeah you are!” Because, you see, even though I doubt myself and let the fear creep in – the people around me who love and support me, never doubt that I’ll always rock the thing I’m doing. 

That constant and very real fact in my life alone could make me leap mountains. Thankfully, there will be no mountain leaping just yet. Just a little writing.

Chat soon, friends!


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