Dreeps – The most pointless RPG ever

What is the point?

I’m a gamer. I play RPGs mostly and will gladly spend a good 8 hours of my time in my pjs, with a mug of tea, gaming when I have the time.

My love for RPGs started many moons ago when I randomly started playing Suikoden on my brothers PlayStation and I was hooked. Since then I’ve immersed myself in every and all sort of RPGs including MMORPGs.

When I came across this article on Dreeps calling it Maybe The Laziest RPG You Could Ever Play I was intrigued. I can appreciate a bit of laziness but how exactly can an RPG be lazy at all? They’re hard work, mostly.


Let give you an idea of what to expect from Dreeps, because it’s pretty ridiculous.

The main premise of Dreeps is that you set an alarm that wakes up your character, a little robot boy, who then goes on an adventure all on his own. And that’s it.

Dreeps RPG
“No really, I don’t need you.”

You don’t help him level up or upgrade his gear. You don’t battle monsters or choose new spells for him to learn. Nothing. Besides setting that alarm you have no input into the game and what the robot boy does at all.

The makers of the game, a trio of Japanese developers, describe the game as “the RPG for people who are too busy to play RPGs.” What on earth is the point?! You can watch him go on his numerous adventures and he’ll keep going until you set the alarm again. Then he’ll go to sleep.

Dreeps robot boy
“You may as well just watch a movie. Seriously.”

Basically he’s a very busy Tamagotchi that you can’t even feed or play with.

Maybe I’m just not as lazy as I thought I was, or perhaps I’m getting old, but I don’t get it. I don’t get you, Dreeps. Sorry.

Watch the trailer and see for yourself

The game is currently available for iOS at $2.99 a pop.You can download the game here if you’re keen to give it a go for yourself.

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