Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish

Essence: #147 Miss Universe

I’m a huge fan of painting my nails and after eyeing out the Essence range for a while, I decided to give it a try. I use Essence tinted moisturiser and some of their other make up so I’m already in love with their products. (No, this is not sponsored.)

I’m impressed! The brush on this nail polish is perfect. It’s thick and broad which makes applying the varnish super easy. Plus it’s quick drying so slapping on a second coat happens a mere minute after applying the first.

That second coat really makes the colour pop and it’s smooth! It’s easy to clean off and even without a top coat doesn’t seem too prone to chipping. Which is perfect for someone like me.

Best of all is the price. At only R19.99 I’m seriously considering getting ride of my old nail polishes and buying a whole new batch of Essence. I picked mine up at Clicks and as far as I know, they’re the only stockists but if you know of any others, pop them in the comments below.

Essence Quick Drying Nail Polish gets 5 thumbs up from me so go and spoil yourselves with some new colours!

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3 thoughts on “Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish

  1. Essence polishes are great. I have so many of them too. Miss Universe is one of the new shades and absolutely gorgeous.

    They are also available at Dischem. (Dischem has the nail art goodies too like toppers and stickers etc)

    1. Ooh. I’ve never delved into the world of sticker art, but I’ve seen so many of you who have. I think I need to branch out.

      Thanks for the tip, darling!

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