Follow the cast of Firefly on Twitter

The cast of Firefly
The cast of Firefly

I’m a huge fan of the (sadly short-lived) Firefly series and, of course, Serenity. I love not only the characters but the awesome actors who play them, so I follow them on Twitter. As is the normal thing to do.

Because good old IMDB doesn’t provide the Twitter accounts of all of the cast members, I thought I’d do so here.

The Cast

Nathan Fillion on Twitter

Alan Tudyk on Twitter

Morena Baccarin on Twitter

Adam Baldwin on Twitter

Jewel Staite on Twitter

Sean Maher on Twitter

Unfortunately Gina Torres (aka Zoë Washburne), Summer Glau (aka River Tam) and Ron Glass (aka Shepherd Book) are not on Twitter. And neither is the amazing Joss Whedon! Shocking.

Have fun Twitter fiends!

Robi xo

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