Getting girly?


I’m not the girly type. Not on a regular basis anyway but there are times I like to… indulge.

Like this morning when, for #PhotoADayAugust, I decided to play around with some make-up for the “purple” prompt.

I’m not a huge make-up fan but it was fun. Perhaps I’ll try it more often. On a day-to-day basis I use a little foundation, some eye shadow and eyeliner. Nothing hectic though. I quite liked the dramatic purple look, I must admit.

Ladies, what’s your daily make-up regime?

Robi xoxo

2 thoughts on “Getting girly?

  1. Nivea face cream :/ The end. Maybe lip gloss if I remember.

    I think I only wear make-up when it’s an occasion like Eid or a wedding.

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