Girly question: Nail varnish n00b

red nail varnish

I’m not what you’d call a “girly girl” but this is girly question. Sorry to all the boy readers…

So I like nail varnish (or is it polish? Anyhoo…) and I have a few cheap bottles and a couple of bottles of Essie. They’re all okay but the Essie chips WAY too easily. Even with 3 coats and a top coat on.

So what I want to know from all you ladies is: What is the best nail varnish you’ve ever used?

I don’t mind paying for a decent varnish and I’m willing to wait for it to dry but regarding the chip factor, it needs to last.

Do you ladies have any advice for me? Do I need a base coat to stop the chipping? Let me know in the comments below! :)

5 thoughts on “Girly question: Nail varnish n00b

  1. Hi Robs, I quite like Essence coz its cheap and they have fun colours. You can find it at Clicks for R20 for colour and go (quick dry) version or R30 for long wearing XXL version which lasts longer and has a lovely shine. I recently did a “review” on chick24 While I’m not a noob, as you can see, I still paint my nails like one.
    Just a small world type comment, I worked with your brother, Shane at ForwardSlash and I went to high school with your sister-in-law, Nora for a year (when I was in Std 7)

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