I don’t feel like a woman…

Wonder Woman

… Because I honestly still feel like a girl.

I recently turned 23 (woohoo!) and I was so sure I’d wake up feeling “older”. Not old, just older. I’m sure of this every year and yet every time a birthday goes by, I end feeling like a little girl.

When I was 16 I was sure I’d feel like a grown up at 18. When 18 came around, I waited patiently for 21 to make me feel like a woman but alas, no such luck. Now that I’m 23 I’m wondering if I’ll feel like a real adult by the time I hit 25 or once I’m married?

It’s not that I don’t feel responsible. I have my moments and I think I handle responsibility well enough at work.

Maybe my problem is the fact that I have 2 much older siblings so I never really get to catch up, do I? Most of my friends are much older than me too. I don’t have any problem with  being the “baby”. I’ve come to accept that, but I want to feel like a  woman, you know?

*Awkward moment up ahead*

Maybe it’s got to do with the fact that I’m still a virgin (yes, I’m waiting until Daniel and I get marriage, that’s my right). Ladies, does it make a huge difference? What was your experience?

So, I just thought I’d share that with you and I want to know how all of you feel. When did your “womanhood” kick in? Marriage, motherhood, when you bought your first car? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading the randomness that is this little post.

Robi x

(P.S. I wonder how many of you thought I was about to share that I want a sex change…)

3 thoughts on “I don’t feel like a woman…

  1. Two things:

    1) I think you need to define what being a woman means to you. And rate yourself on that. I suspect you’ll find that you’re the perfect version of you-woman there is.

    2) Your sexual engagement level (i.e. you being a virgin) has sweet bugger all to do with your “levelling” as a woman. That’s like saying you’re not a woman until you’ve had a kid. These rites of passage are things we CHOOSE to take.

    And, for bonus,

    3) I’m a 31-nearly-32 year old who doesn’t drive, doesn’t own property and has a kid. Who is beautiful and wonderful. I also have two jobs, doing what I love, and I have a wide circle of lovely friends. I also have an insane family past and an incredible boyfriend. Absolutely none of this makes me more or less of a woman. None of it. I spend more time in my head thinking like a 19 year old because I need to act like a 45 year old, if that makes sense. I hate wearing makeup and I always wear flat shoes. What makes me a woman has nothing to do with what I am in the world, who knows me or who loves me. It has everything to do with how I see me. And I see me sometimes good, sometimes bad – day dependent.


    1. Thank you, lovely Cath. I *knew* you’d comment! :D

      1) The definition of a woman for me is tough. It’s got to do with not being treated like a child. It involves not living my parents, I think. It also just means looking after myself and those I love.

      2) I think I feel this way because there are those who view me as a child because I haven’t really “experienced” everything there is to experience. Know what I mean?

      3) I totally hear you. There are days when I feel like an adult and I have to make important decisions and people look to me for advice, but I’m not always confident in those decisions. Thankfully being an adult for me will never mean wearing heels or make up. Hehe!


  2. Hi there, just discovered your blog and love it :-). On your post, i know how you feel. I’m 30 and do not feel like a woman. My situation may be different from yours: I’m the 1st born, left home when I was 18, I’m leaving very far away from my family and I’m independent, not a virgin,I have a car, and yet still not feeling like a woman but more like a girl!! So I’ve stopped waiting for the day I would feel all woman like ;-) !

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