I’m thinking about getting a second name…

I’ve always wanted a second name.

My mother and father have second names but they chose not to give myself or my siblings seconds names because they find them useless.

Perhaps it’s the romantic in me but the thought of having a second name has always been appealing. It’s silly, I know.

Which name?

You may be wondering what I’d want my second name to be if I had one. Well, I’d want April.

And there are 2 reasons.

1) My mother’s second name is May and she was born in May. My aunt’s second name is June and she was born in June. I was born in April…

2) This particular April was my hero as a child. She made me want to be a journalist and wear yellow and hang out with mutant turtles. So far, I’ve conquered 2 of those 3 things. (Anyone know where I can find some pizza-loving ninja turtles?).

April O'Neil - The Awesomeness

Even as a little kid I wanted to be April O’Neil. Is that weird?

Anyway, I’ve always joked about wanting to have a second name. Zayaan (best friend, colleague, part owner of my brain) said “Why not do it? I’ll even pay for it!”. And she’s serious.

So what do you think? Is it that big a deal? Should I just go ahead and get a second name?

4 thoughts on “I’m thinking about getting a second name…

  1. I think its a fantastic idea.
    Hey, if people can get a sex change or bigger boobs or things like that then why not a name :)
    p.s. I had a TMNT party when I was a kid adn made my mother find me a yellow jumpsiut so I could be April :) She rocks!

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