Keen to do a bit of #FatShaming?

Image by starsandpolkadots {deviantart}
Image by starsandpolkadots {deviantart}

Well are you? Here’s a hint: rather shut your mouth.

I had a little rant on Facebook so decided to share it here too.

I made the terrible mistake of clicking on the #fatshaming tag on Instagram this evening and once again I am disgusted by the human race.

There is a movement out in the world that shames, bullies and yes even hates fat people. And here’s the reality: Making someone think/believe that they are less than human based purely on the size of their body makes YOU the broken person. NOT them.

I’m a big girl. I know this. I’m okay with this. I love my curves and hips and my round face. I LOVE my body. Not because it’s bigger than most or smaller than some, but because it’s MY body. It’s what I live in. It’s what gets me around, allows me to hold the ones I love and sing and be a human being. My body doesn’t make me a good person or a bad person, it just makes me human.

Making someone feel bad about being fat (or skinny) makes you nasty, spineless and not worth a minute of my time. Why? Because IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Want to use the excuse of making sure that person is “healthy”? Don’t. It’s none of your business. Want to justify your opinion because you “want to help”? Don’t. It’s still none of your business.

Want to be helpful? Ask that person you’re about to judge how their day is going. Ask them how work is treating them. Be a decent human being and curb your desire to jump on any shaming bandwagon. The world doesn’t need your negativity.

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