Living for the weekend… Or not

Love your life

As 2014 starts winding down to a close, many people are doing some internal searching and thinking about this year that has flown by and I’m no different.

For most of my life I had the habit of living for the next big event. Living for the next public holiday, the next birthday, anniversary or special plan that had been made. If all else failed I’d live for the weekend. Then the weekend would end and I’d do it all again. The problem with living this way is that I became so fixated on that next big moment that I forgot to take note of what was happening right now.

I realised today that the last “big thing” I was fixated on was my wedding. It was the one major moment in my life that, ¬†for some time, ¬†overshadowed everything else. The amazing thing is that for the last year, I’ve found myself living for each day. Which may sound silly to some but it makes life so much more enjoyable.

No, life isn’t perfect but I do find myself noticing the small things each day that make me smile. Daniel and I being in our home, shopping for groceries, family and friends. You get the idea. I no longer feel the need to fixate and obsess over one moment in the future. Instead every moment, whether spectacular or not, is good enough for right now. And that’s good enough for me.

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