My husband is leaving me…

…for just one day. And I’m feeling all of the emotions, you guys!

(Also sorry to any of you who may have just freaked out a little. I couldn’t help myself. Heh.)

Daniel is leaving to go on a little trip tomorrow morning and we’ll be apart for the first time since we got married in November 2013.

I’m having all these mixed emotions because, well, my husband is leaving – that sucks. But I love being alone and I’m kind of excited about just doing my own thing for a couple of days – that’s awesome. I’m obviously a little worried because planes are the worst and sometimes they fall out of the sky, but no no, that won’t happen…

My husband on the stairs

Daniel, husband, love

Is it weird that I’m a little sad about my husband leaving me for all of one night but also slightly excited? It’s dumb, right? I know it is. But the thing is, we’ve been together for almost 9 years but we never lived together until the day we got married. And I love it. I love being married and having Daniel around all the time. More than anything I love falling asleep next to my husband at night. I guess I’ll just have to cuddle Pixel a little closer while he’s gone.

Is excited-sad a normal reaction or am I being crazy? Please share your stories with me. x

3 thoughts on “My husband is leaving me…

  1. Normal. Although, my thoughts on it have changed since K arrived.

    9 days after our wedding J had to return to the Netherlands for work for 6 weeks, so that sucked. Ever since then any work trip hasn’t been as bad…so survivable besides sleep badly. Neither of us sleeps well without the other, not a surprise after 11 years together.

    1. Only 9 days?! Gosh. That’s intense. The sleep was a problem for me too. I slept for about 4 hours. It just feels wrong when they’re not around.

  2. I HATE it when Seth is away from me. So much so that he is actually just not allowed to. People can say what they want about me, but whatevs. It is what it is. We’ve been together for 12 years and never spent more than 1 day not seeing each other – I wouldn’t want to try and change that now.

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