My wisdom is killing me

I’m teething, you guys.

I’m also apparently getting wiser but currently the pain radiating through my cranium is making it hard to think anything but “ow”. Wisdom teeth? That’s some crazy false advertising right there.


In fact, I spent a large chunk of the early hours of this morning ugly crying and clutching my face because I thought theĀ intense pain may actually drive me mad.

And I’m not even exaggerating.

You can ask my poor husband who had to sit next to me while I cried and sobbed and threatened to beat my own head against the wall just to make myself sleep. It was a dark time.

After a prescription-strength pain pill and 2 Mybulen didn’t do a damn thing, the only thing that caused my mouth to go numb and actually knock me out was taking a swig of the brandy in my kitchen cupboard, letting it burn my aching gums before I spat it out. (How on earth do people drink that stuff neat and actually live?!)

Anyway, it seems I’ll have to live like this for a while. If I survive. The thought of having someone cut in my mouth gives me actual panic attacks so that’s not an option. Plus my dentist told me that they have enough space to make it into the wide open world on their own…

Do you guys have any advice? Any quick fixes or secret remedies for helping me deal with the pain and get a full night of sleep?

Yours in pain and (hopefully) wisdom,

Robi x

P.S. To all the babies currently going through this teething thing – I totally get you.

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