Newly-weds: The good and the awful

Let me start this post by saying that I suck at New Year’s Resolutions. I had decided to blog a lot this year and yet, here I am, already a failure.

Oh well, resolutions are stupid anyway right? Right.


One week ago marked me being married to my best friend for 2 whole months. TWO WHOLE MONTHS, you guys! It has been great, I will admit. Daniel and I having our own space has been perfect and there have been no very few fights.

We both lived at home until the day we got married so finally having OUR furniture and OUR space and OUR food, it’s just a huge awesome change. I’ve loved it. Shopping, cleaning, cooking. Especially the cooking. I love cooking. Daniel gets to eat. A lot.


We’ve also become parents! Fur parents that is. (Sorry, Dad. No babies any time soon.)

Crazy amounts of cute
Crazy amounts of cute

Meet Pixel. I’ll do a post on her soon, because she’s ridiculous amounts of awesome.

If you follow me on any sort of social media, but especially Instagram and Twitter, you’ll have noticed the ridiculous amount of kitten photos. I literally put a warning in my Instagram bio. It’s real, you guys.

Warning: Instagram filled with crazy cat lady pictures. Beware!
Warning: Instagram filled with crazy cat lady pictures. Beware!

The awful

So this is where it gets super real, friends.

I realise that being married obviously comes with it’s good and bad. For better and for worse, etc. I didn’t think that Daniel and I would be facing this kind of particular suckery this early on though.

As of yesterday, my beloved husband no longer has a job. His company very suddenly shut down and after 4 years it was rather a shock. Bam. Just like that.

He worked for Chaos Computers, some of you may know it, and thankfully he wasn’t left in the dirt without any salary but still. It’s all very hectic. And weird.

We’re positive though. We both know that only good will come from this. I refuse to let bad energy and sad thoughts and fear beat us into the ground. NOT THIS DAY! (as my good friend Aragon would say.)

So despite the awesomeness, the suckiness and the cuteness – life goes on. We’ll keep loving each other and moving forward. Life’s an adventure right? And you don’t lay down when adventuring – you pick up your sword and beat orcs over the head. (You’re welcome for that inspiring speech.)

Until next time, which will be soon (I promise) – Make good decisions. Or not. No judgies.

Robi xo

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