Ode to a dead Kindle


Many people feel strongly about ereaders. They often only love them or hate them.

I loved my Kindle 3 (with keyboard) as it was lovingly named. It travelled all the way from America over 3 years ago and from the first slide of its power button, I was in love.

Easy to hold. No backlight to harm my eyes. The promise of hundreds of unread books waiting to be devoured. I could even make the stand-by screen my own with a small hack.

What could be better?

I read, oh I read.

I both bought and crafted covers for my beloved Kindle. I dressed it up with a skin. But eventually all that came off and I still loved it. For a Kindle, beauty is not skin deep, beauty is in what it holds within. No distractions from buzzing notifications, no games waiting to be played, no heavy books to weigh down my bag.

There was a certain excitement to browsing the Amazon Kindle store to see which books I’d be downloading next. Watching for special or for your favourite authors to release that long-awaited novel. Excitement, anticipation, joy.

But now, you’re gone, dear Kindle. Dead. No more. I have slid your power for the last time.

And yes, I’ll replace you eventually. But for now, I’ll mourn you, old friend.

Goodbye, lovely Kindle. Goodbye.

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