On being an aunt

I’ve spoken a lot lately about having a baby of my very own one day, I even wrote a little column for Parent24 about it.

I think my first true love for a baby had to be Luke (7), my nephew. He was born and our lives changed for the better. Suddenly there was this tiny little ball of energy and squeaks and love. When Amy (5), his little sister, was born a couple of years later, the love just intensified.

They’re so different and at times learning about their personalities can be hard, but they’re so worth it. The giggles and jokes and hugs and ‘I love you, Aunty Robyn’ make being an aunt quite possibly the best feeling. It’s also great getting to watch them grow and become little people with full on emotions and personalities.

Basically, being an aunt is the best feeling. I was actually a little scared that I would never be able to love another child (including my own) when Luke was born, but it’s totally possible! I’m pretty sure that there’s a whole separate section of my heart cordoned off for aunty love.

This BuzzFeed video perfectly describes the feeling…

Image via pattimurphydesigns.com

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