On the job hunt… Again

Isn’t life funny?

No. No it isn’t. 

You’re not funny, Life. Stop.

Okay, basically, after my last couple of blogs about The Husband being suddenly retrenched then getting a job, I have sad news. A couple of weeks ago his new job sprouted some rubbish about him not “fitting in” (read: we’re actually not financially able to afford you) and let him go.

So here we go again.

There’s not nearly as much worry this time. I just know that everything will be okay. Even though we’re approaching the end of the month and there are bills to be paid, I have a peace that is very refreshing. I refuse to stress out. And when I feel it starting to build, I laugh. I’ll suddenly start singing or just tell Daniel that I love him. Anything to not let the worry get a grip on my brain.

I know we’ll be fine. We always have been. I would just enjoy a little solid ground, stability, even a handrail to hold onto would be fine.

But again, we’ll be fine.

So does anyone want to hire my husband? He’s a hard worker, an amazing guy, a quick learner and loyal to a fault.

Plus it was his 30th birthday yesterday and I don’t think I could love the man more.

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