Don’t be scared, it’s just new

Scary night

How often are we scared of new and unknown things in our lives?

As little children, going to school and not having your parents around is terrifying. When you start high school, it’s scary not having your old friends and teachers around. Starting a new job, going to a party where you don’t really have any friends or moving to a new country are all frightening experiences too.

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On being an aunt

I’ve spoken a lot lately about having a baby of my very own one day, I even wrote a little column for Parent24 about it.

I think my first true love for a baby had to be Luke (7), my nephew. He was born and our lives changed for the better. Suddenly there was this tiny little ball of energy and squeaks and love. When Amy (5), his little sister, was born a couple of years later, the love just intensified.

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