Sisters marrying brothers

No not like that, you weirdo.

But heh, gotcha.

For realsies though – This is what my sister and I did (if you didn’t already know), we married brothers.

Sean and Kim (both about 10 years older than me) met a little while before I met Daniel. They clicked and not long after, they were married.

In December of 2004, Daniel and I met and it wasn’t the Disney-style love at first sight situation. And yet two years later, at the age of 17, Daniel and I started dating.


Fast forward 7 years to the exact date of 14 November 2013, Daniel and I were married under a tree in Ardene Gardens. Exactly 7 years after our first date.

(If you click here you’ll see some of my favourite photos from the wedding.)

Anyhoo, it’s a rather strange occurrence having a set of sisters marrying a set of brothers. At least I would imagine so. I don’t have stats or anything, people.

We always get a bunch of questions when people find out. Most joke/ask if it’s considered incest. Euw. No. (It’s not beeteedubs.)

It does have it’s advantages though!


– We never have to split up Christmas or New Year because our families are always together.

– We have the same niece and nephew and therefore there’s never the worry of spoiling one more than the other.

– Birthdays, weddings and general celebrations just involve one big family instead of two so that makes it easier to plan. Plus it’s cheaper.

– It’s never weird when spending time at one sibling’s house because either way, that sibling is family.

Life is generally simpler I would imagine. I don’t know how to do it any other way but this seems like the right way to do things. ;)

So yes, sisters can marry brothers and it doesn’t have to be weird.

Any questions? Ask away! Nothing is too weird, don’t worry. (Also, tweet me @robi27 if you’re having problems with commenting…)

Until then, bye!

Robi xo

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