Snapchat: Unexpected obsession

Snapchat is something I avoided for a long time, because to be honest, I had no idea what it was about. I thought it was just another social media that I would be stuck updating, but Snapchat is a lot more than that. And above all else, it’s fun.

Snapchat ghost

What is Snapchat?

You’re not alone if you have no idea how this app works or what it entails. Or maybe you were like me who downloaded the app ages ago, opened it, had zero idea what was going on and immediately uninstalled it. Don’t worry though, it’s not as complicated as it looks.

I like to describe Snapchat as a less “artsy” form of Instagram and requires less commitment than YouTube. Snap a quick photo of anything, add a basic filter, some text and a quick drawing if you like then add it to your Story! Within 24 hours it’ll be GONE. And that’s actually what I love about it. You can do the same thing with videos. You can choose to go through your own Snaps and save them if you like, but otherwise they’re gone, poof. They live for a mere 24 hours and it’s awesome.

If you’re completely lost, take a look at BuzzFeed’s An Adult’s Guide To Snapchat.

My Snaps

I’ve started using Snapchat a lot lately and it completely caught me off guard. I Snap photos and even videos now. It’s silly and not serious in any way and why the heck not? Here are few of my, um, masterpieces. (Ha!)

Snapchat bookstore

Snapchat Lush haul

Snapchat Teddy bear cat paws

And a little video offering…

Follow me on Snapchat!

You can either search for CuriousRobyn on Snapchat or hover your camera over the image below and I’ll be your friend!

Snapchat - CuriousRobyn

And that’s it. I love Snapchat. And there aren’t a massive amount of South Africans on it just yet but keep your eyes open on Twitter and Instagram where many people share their usernames often. 

How do you feel about Snapchat? Are you using it? Share your username below!

Chat soon,


3 thoughts on “Snapchat: Unexpected obsession

  1. I joined a while ago but then checked it this morning. Is there a way to see your friends feeds? I tried to figure it out but then eventually gave up.

    1. Hi Laura! It can take some getting used to. When you open the app, swipe to the right and you’ll see the Stories sections. That where all of the stories your friends have added in the last 24 hours will appear.

      Also, check out that BuzzFeed article I linked to. It’s super helpful. :)

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