Super simple mini chocolate croissants

UPDATE: I attempted these using a tin of caramel today and oh my gosh! So good. Give it a try.

I recently saw a 3-ingredient croissant recipe on Pinterest but unfortunately the link was dead. So I decided to do a little research and even more winging it. And let’s be honest, you can’t go wrong with a chocolate croissant.

I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced a chocolate croissant before but they’re delicious little bites of chocolate heaven.

No, I’m not exaggerating.

Regular croissants are a bit of a pain to make. They take quite a lot of effort and skill. And who has time for that? Nobody. That’s why these little croissants are so awesome.

3 ingredients is all it takes!

You’ll need:
– 1 roll of puff pastry
– chocolate (Any kind should do. I used chocolate buttons.)
– 1 egg
Optional: Nutella

Method (Makes 12 – 16)

1. Let that puff pastry thaw completely in the fridge. I let mine thaw overnight but a few hours should do it.

2. On a floured surface, using a lightly floured rolling pin, roll out the puff pastry nice and thin. If the pastry is too thick, the croissant will taste more like a pie.

3. With the pastry laying horizontally, cut 2 lines vertically, leaving you with 3 rectangles. (If you want smaller croissants, cut 3 lines so that you have 4 rectangles.)

4. Cut each long rectangle in half so that you have 6 fat rectangles. Then cut eat of those rectangles at an angle leaving you with 12 triangles.

5. It’s at this point where if I had thought to buy some Nutella I would have coated the triangles with a nice layer before filling them with chocolate pieces. But alas, I forgot… Place chocolate along the wide edge of each triangle and start to roll them up. Be sure to pinch the edges so that your chocolate doesn’t run out. Like this:


6. Once rolled up, turn the edges in a little.


7. Place your little croissants in a well greased oven pan and brush them with egg.


8. Now bake them in the oven at 180°c for about 20 minutes. Voila!


Quick and easy, golden brown little chocolatey bites of delicious!

Did you try the recipe? Would you change anything? Let me know!

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