An evening at the beach

Daniel and I took a drive to the beach for our anniversary last night and despite the wind, it was a great time for photos. Here are a few that I snapped with my phone.


Table Mountain

Table Mountain looking gorgeous!


Daniel and I in the sun


A random man on the beach built this rhino. Awesome.

I’m off on holiday with Daniel and the parents tomorrow so I’m sure there will be more photos on Monday but for now, have a great weekend!

Robi xo

Pixlr-o-matic: Android’s answer to Instagram?


I’m an app fiend. If it boasts at being clever and innovative then I want to play with it. This is one of the main reasons I changed over from Blackberry to Android.

I’ve also had my stint with an iPhone and like everyone else I loved the Instagram app. I know there are noises from the Instagram CEO about an Android version in the pipeline, but I needed my fix now. So I went on the search for one…

I tried just about all of them. No, seriously. MyTubo is a close favourite, Snapbucket was okay, I wasn’t a fan of Little PhotoPicPlz is sort of boring and Lightbox was okay, I guess.

Then I found this: Pixlr-o-matic

I took one look at the screenshots and loved it.

Not only were the features exactly what I was looking for but the app itself looks great.

It’s unlike Instagram in that the filters are not just preset options but you get to choose your colour filter, lighting effect and frame separately.

I’m actually quite fond of that feature. It’s nice not be locked into the same old pictures when you want to use a certain filter or frame. Well done, Pixlr-o-matic. I approve.

Another plus is that it’s FREE. Whoop! We do love a freebie.

My final word on Pixlr-o-matic and something that is very, very important – it doesn’t reduce the quality of the images. That is a HUGE factor that a lot of the other photo editors I tried failed at. Plus, it keeps the quality and it runs smoothly on my mobile. A real win-win.

The verdict

My rating: 4.5 out of 5

Mobile: Motorola MB525

Version: 2.2.2

Market rating: 4.6 out of 5

Downloads: 1000000+

Here are some of the photos I’ve created with Pixlr-o-matic:

Try it and let me know what you think.

Please note: This is not a sponsored blogpost. I have not been paid to review this product in anyway.