Up, down and forward march

The road after winter
‘The road after winter’ via Freepik.com

Hello after many moons, dear blog friends.

As you can see and you may have noticed (or not), I’ve been MIA for a while. I guess my brain just needed a little break. Also I wasn’t entirely happy with the last time I changed the look of my blog so you may have noticed that I changed it again. I’m still working on it but I have too little patience to work on it in secret so here it is!

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South African Bloggers badge/widget

South African Bloggers

A couple of weeks ago I created a group on Facebook to try and gather South African bloggers into one place. Nothing serious, just a place where bloggers can share their blog posts and where people can get to meet each other.

It’s grown quite a bit since I started it and I thought I’d create a blog badge for those who wanted to share the community with their readers.

You can check out the group here: South African Bloggers

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The ‘F’ word

Day 3 of the #WritersBootcampZA challenge. Today’s prompt: One of my greatest fears.

Yesterday’s prompt was about my favourite words and I can say that “fear” is by far my LEAST favourite word. I hate every feeling it forces onto my brain. I hate the tight squeeze in my chest. I hate being controlled by a feeling that does nothing but spread negativity.

I have a stupid (but terrifying) fear of moths. I know. Moths.

That’s the only fear I’m willing to think about because even considering losing my husband or any of my family members just hurts too much. Plus that just leads to sadness and weeping and ridiculous thoughts. So yes, moths. That’s my greatest fear.

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I bet you didn’t know…

I’ve decided to take part in the #WritersBootcampZA challenge where a new topic is posted every day and then you say a little something about it. Because who doesn’t love a challenge, right?

Disclaimer: I enjoy attempting the #FMSphotoaday challenges on Instagram every month but most months I fail, so there’s that.

Anyhoo, today is the 1st of July (whaaat?) and today’s prompt is:

Even if you know me well, you don’t know this…

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My wisdom is killing me

I’m teething, you guys.

I’m also apparently getting wiser but currently the pain radiating through my cranium is making it hard to think anything but “ow”. Wisdom teeth? That’s some crazy false advertising right there.


In fact, I spent a large chunk of the early hours of this morning ugly crying and clutching my face because I thought the intense pain may actually drive me mad.

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