The Internet: The musical

I love the internet, I mean, who doesn’t? I also love music and musicals. I also love and hate internet trends. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr – all of it. They are the worst and the best things about the internet.

The funny and clever people at AVbyte! on YouTube create really good musicals every week. They’re funny and the performers are good!

Seeing as I’m an Instagram addict, I loved this one.

Then there’s Tumblr. It’s a crazy place filled with, well, just watch this musical by AVbyte! and VlogBrothers.

They have a load more and they’re all hilarious, so enjoy!

Also, I’m very cool and now have my own domain. And what do you think of my blog? It’s still a work in progress but I’m trying! (I will conquer you, CSS!)

Oh and a HUGE thanks to André who helped me set up my new blog and who is just plain awesome and clever. Much love to you!


Robi xo

What is ‘Upcycle That’?

Genius Bottle Wall - Upcycle That
Genius Bottle Wall

Have you guys heard of Upcycle That? It’s a great website that gathers together some of  the coolest ideas for taking your old stuff and making it into something awesome.

According to the website, this what upcycling is all about – “It’s taking something that you would otherwise throw out and finding a way to make it into something else.”

Here are a few of my favourite “Upcycles”:

These guys are amazing and it’s an eye opener as to what can be done with the things you have in your own right now.

Check them out. They deserve some love.

Like Upcycle That on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and they’re on Pinterest too!

Something I love: #Parent24HasAHeart

Parent24 has a heart
Parent24 has a heart

Any normal human being feels the need to help out. Whether it be in the form of cash, spending time with those in need or dropping off a bag of food – people want to help.


On a regular basis Parent24 gets emails about charities or organisations that need a helping hand. Sometimes it’s food or money. Other times it’s volunteers or the oppurtunity to do something fun, like a big walk, that will benefit those in need.


Parent24 has decided to start a blog called Parent24 has a heart which will focus on these needs and give people the opportunity to get involved.


Thing is, I don’t only work for Parent24, I love what I do. And I love this blog. I think it’s a great way to give back, share some love and help those who are less fortunate.


So come on guys, spread the word and help if you can.


I’ll also be posting the blog posts on Parent24’s Twitter and Facebook, so follow and Like those if you’re keen! That’s not all though – if you follow and Like, you’ll get a virtual cookie from me!


Spreading the love,


The sleepy week of DOOM! (And a SOTD)

Yes, this is a Pokemom. He likes to sleep. He is Snorlax.

I don’t know about you guys but I have been a sleepy sausage this entire week. No matter how early or late I go to bed, I’m tired. No matter how well I sleep or if I had dreams or not, I’m tired.


And I know I’m not the only one. Food24‘s Meagan and my work-spouse, Zayaan, have also been sleepy chickens this week.

Thankfully it’s weekend and I’m sure there will be some lazy nap times in my future. I sure need them.

Right now, all that’s keeping me awake is the music blasting in my ears. And just like that, there’s a song of the day:

30 Seconds to Mars: Closer to the edge

Thank you Darling Jared, Shannon and Tomo.

Also, I wrote a Doting Aunt Parent24 blog: Where Luke has a temper and Amy has the joy of a herd of sparkly unicorns. Read ‘No HELLO, Amy!’.

From a sleepy Robi, happy weekend everyone! x

P.S. I changed the look of my blog. You like?

SOTD – Paramore: The Only Exception

I saw Shon posting his Song Of The Day picks and I love it. So I’ve decided to start them too.

First of all, I’m a huge music buff. I sing, I can play a little bit here and there but above all, I have a major respect/appreciation for music.

Also, if I could, I would feature Adele’s Rolling In The Deep as SOTD every day.

But for today’s Song Of The Day – It has to go to Paramore and The Only Exception.

There’s just something about this song… I love it.


~ Robi ~