The tale of two Bettys

Welcome to 2013!

Wait, am I late?

Darn. Hate it when that happens.

Anyway! Let’s move on and just accept that this is my first post of 2013 and we’re almost done with February. Commitment, y’all!

So I was having a thought the other day (after just having watched every episode of Ugly Betty) and I realised that I may have a personality crisis.

No, I’m not about to go all Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde or Bruce Banner and The Hulk on you. Let me explain.

Two Bettys

Ugly Betty
Sweet, lovable Betty


I have 2 Bettys which I love. One being the loveable and quirky Betty Suarez (aka “Ugly Betty”) played by beautiful America Ferrara. She’s clumsy, not really accepted because of what she looks like but intelligent and really sort of great.


Betty Boop
The fabulous Betty Boop


The second Betty is Betty Boop. She’s fun and confident and vivacious and daring. She’s fabulous. She’s always been my favourite cartoon character. I even dressed up as her for a birthday party once.


Betty and her man
Betty and her man (i.e. Daniel and I)


Which Betty Am I?

There are days I wake up and feel like either one Betty or the other. Some day I feel confident and beautiful. Other days I feel rather dull and hideous. Silly, right?  Well it is what it is. Maybe it’s hormones, maybe it’s normal.

Thankfully I have 3 things in my life that ground me.

My faith.

My family.

My friends.

These 3 constants are what keep me sane and  happy.

So that was my rather arb thought. Do you have anyone on TV/cartoon character etc. that you can relate to?

Why I wouldn’t burn a Qur’an…


… Or any other ‘bible’.

From the first moment I had heard about the ‘burning the Qur’an’ crusade, I was heart broken.

As a born-again, Bible-living, Christ-loving Christian, these people posing under the same banner had me upset. More than upset in fact. I shed tears thinking about how these people using Christ as their shield are going to be hurting so many others around the world with this one act.

I’ve been watching Twitter and Facebook and I’ve seen how people are are asking “Where is this God of love?”. I would like to ask this church in Florida the same thing. You see, we are told in the Bible that God is love. Not a God who loves, but IS love. The Word also says that as far as possible we should be peaceful and not stir trouble. These ‘christians’ are doing exactly the opposite.

It boggles my mind as to why they could even fathom that burning a Qur’an will bring glory to God in any way?! And after discussing it with friends and family, I’ve come to the conclusion that these people are misguided and basically, they’re human and are getting it wrong.

Just in the same way that suicide bombers get it wrong, are misguided and completely believe what they doing is right, there are others in other ‘religions’ who get it wrong too.

And no, this is not an excuse and they are not showing the world who Christ really is.

I’ll keep praying and doing my best to show you who this living Jesus really is. I’m not perfect and I’m going to get it wrong too, but I hope that in that process, no-one else gets hurt.

Just as we can’t judge all Muslims because of the Taliban, or how we can’t judge all Catholics because of the priests who molest children, I hope you won’t judge us (and the Christ we serve) because of some misguided people.

Standing on the Rock


There is a question I often ask. ‘What ON EARTH is happening?!’

It feels like a lot of  people around me are having a tough ‘season’. As we all do.

From sickness to making tough decisions to losing loved ones. It’s so difficult to stand on the side lines and watch. But what can you say when your best friend loses her father-in-law? What can you do besides hug her?

In the midst of all the madness, I’m ever more thankful for my relationship with Christ. Not a make believe, all in my head, mystical kind of relationship but a real, loving, one-on-one relationship.

In a time of madness ‘the Rock’ is ever steady. Always a safe place to hold on to.

Honestly, my relationship with Christ is literally something that makes me *exhale* and know that everything is going to be okay.

If you don’t have that, I’m not sure how you go through tough times….