Super important blogger award!

Liebster Award

There’s an award that exists on the Internet for bloggers who love to share things with each other. It’s called the Liebster Award and it’s a German word that means “dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kind” etc.

Pretty sweet, right?

I was nominated for this award by my bestie, Zayaan over at Surviving the Madness and she’s dropped a series of questions for me to answer.

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We took our cat to the park…

…on a leash.

I know that may sound strange to many of you but Pixel is an indoor kitty who, up until last week, was not able to be friends with boy cats because before you know it she could’ve come home pregnant.

In other words, she still needed to be sterilised and there are A LOT of cats in our complex so she stays indoors.

To get a her a little extra exercise and some fresh air, Daniel and I like to take her out when we can. She happily wears her harness and has no problem walking on a leash. She’s very chill not much bothers her.

A couple of weeks ago we decided to visit a park/forest place near our home which we didn’t even know existed. I’m so glad we did. Pixel loved it, we all got some fresh air and the place was beautiful. So of course, I took photos.

This is what the park/forest looks like. Gorgeous right?
This is what the park/forest looks like. Gorgeous right?

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Here’s why the #CTmeetup rocked!

Yesterday was an awesome day. I slept in late, took a train to Cape Town with Daniel and then had a lovely walk through the town I love the most. We did that in order for me to attend the #CTmeetup.

Fellow bloggers, tweeters and Instagramers all gathered together for a chat, a laugh, some dim sum and just a great time. You can take a look at Cindy Alfino’s blog post about who attended. Thanks so much to Cindy Alfino and Nikki Lincoln for organising the whole shindig and also to I Love My Laundry for accommodating the loud mass of ladies who attended.


Quirky decor and fun at #iLoveMyLaundry
Quirky decor and fun at #iLoveMyLaundry

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Rookie Chef Robi: Lazy breakfast buns

I’ve been meaning to do another Rookie Chef post for a while now but I’m a lazy blogger so that’s a problem. However, I can assure you that I haven’t stopped cooking, experimenting and drooling over recipes. (Thanks, Pinterest!)

Flash back to a couple of weeks ago and one evening when everyone was in no mood to cook, I decided to put my own twist on the breakfast bun/cup.


Makes 4

– 2 hamburger buns

– 5 eggs

– Bacon

– 1 cup of grated cheese

– Salt, pepper

– Margerine

– Olive oil

– Chutney (optional)

– 4 ramekins


1. Preheat oven at 180 deg C.

2. Cut hamburger buns in half and butter the insides.

3. Grease the ramekins with a little olive oil. Make sure to grease the sides too or else these suckers will stick.

4. Press the non-buttered side of the roll into ramekin and get your fingers dirty by flattening the roll against the sides. You basically end up with a little bun bowl. (Trademark pending *wink*)

5. Mix your eggs, grated cheese, salt and pepper in a separate bowl. You can add a dash of milk if you like.

6. Fry up your bacon, chop it into small pieces and stick it one side.

7. Scoop the eggy mixture into your bun bowls until they’re about 3/4 full. 

8. Put the ramekins in an ovenproof dish (so that they’re easy to take out all at once) and stick them on the middle shelf of the oven.

9. Keep an eye on them. After about 10-15 minutes, take the ramekins out of the oven. The egg will still be runny but just starting to cook. Throw in your bacon bits now. I added a little more grated cheese over the top at this point too.

10. Stick the ramekins back in the oven and wait another 5 minutes or so. The egg will start to rise a little like fluffy scrambled egg.

11. Once they’re done, make sure they’re cooked through, scoop them out (I used a  tablespoon to do this) and pop them on a plate. Add a couple drops of chutney if you like and eat ’em!

My family couldn’t get enough of these and I’m super stoked to experiment with different fillings and mixtures. Easy, cheap and so delicious!