Dreeps – The most pointless RPG ever

What is the point?

I’m a gamer. I play RPGs mostly and will gladly spend a good 8 hours of my time in my pjs, with a mug of tea, gaming when I have the time.

My love for RPGs started many moons ago when I randomly started playing Suikoden on my brothers PlayStation and I was hooked. Since then I’ve immersed myself in every and all sort of RPGs including MMORPGs.

When I came across this article on Dreeps calling it Maybe The Laziest RPG You Could Ever Play I was intrigued. I can appreciate a bit of laziness but how exactly can an RPG be lazy at all? They’re hard work, mostly.

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Gamer Girl

Assassin's Creed fan art
Assassin's Creed fan art

What is it about being female and liking to game?

When another female realises that you’re a gamer, the general response is: “Wow, you are such a geek/nerd (and there is a difference, but that’s for another blogpost).

When a guy finds out that you’re a gamer, the response is either: “Wow!” or “Suuure” or “That’s hot”.

Is it just me or is it strange?

So I like to pretend to be an elf/jedi/racer car driver and do quests/fight bad guys/race cars. Is that odd? I don’t think so. :)

I love being a gamer. It’s fun and just like reading a great book, it transports you to an entire new place.

What do you think about chick gamers?