The Hobbit official movie trailer!

The Hobbit

I would just like to state upfront that I love JRR Tolkien like an overweight child loves sugary delights.

I’ve read The Hobbit and the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy. I’m proud of that. It took forever.

I’ve watched each of the Lord of the Rings movies multiple times and now this has arrived…

The Hobbit, directed by Peter Jackson. Awesome.

So here’s the trailer for my most anticipated movie of 2012. Woohoo!

Enjoy! (And remember that I don’t own any rights to this movie or trailer blah blah blah…)


P.S. Gandalf is my favourite character. Always has been. Which character do you love?

Wow. 5 years, you guys!


On the 14th of November 2011, Daniel and I had been dating for 5 years.

5 years.

Dude, that is a long time. That’s like… 260 weeks or 1825 days. It’s a lot okay.

Anyway, it’s been awesome. I’ve been really blessed to have someone as patient (trust me, he needs it) and loving (he likes to snuggle!) and romantic (I win ^_^) in my life.

Especially considering that I was only a wee 17 years old when we started on this crazy journey called a relationship. And it has been rather crazy. A LOT has happened in 5 years but I’m glad that Duckie has been my one constant. I’m not quite sure where I would be without him.


Even though it’s been an entire 5 years, there is still so much we have yet to experience together.

  • There’s marriage and all it’s perks. Yes, all  it’s perks.
  • We want to travel overseas together too.
  • Then there’s just living together.
  • There’s kids that will come along one day. In the future. The far future.
  • We’ve been through a lot of bad things together and I know there’ll be more. Unfortunately.

It’s been a blast. It’s been crazy. It’s been fun. It’s been awesome.

Here are a few photos of us, because, well, it was our anniversary.

Our first voting experience together
This was on our 2nd anniversary
The madness! *cow tongue*

We’re adorable, right? Ugh. It’s ridiculous. ;)

Here’s to a bajilion more years together. 

Get back on that horse!

I know it’s a zebra but it’s so cute…

Today, after 6 months of not being near gym, I went back to Curves. And all I could think was ‘why was I ever away?!’.

It was tough but I took it slow and it was sweaty but it felt so good to be moving again.

I could tell my whole body was excited by the prospect of getting fit again. And I’m happy to oblige.

Plus, I know it’s all in my head but I swear I’m thinner already. :P (Shush, it’s my blog!)

So here I soak, in the bath (yes I’m blogging from my waterproof mobile in the bath – Thanks Motorola and Android!), and my body is stiff but it feels awesome.

I’m gonna soak here a bit longer and let my thoroughly shocked muscles relax.

Leave me a comment encouraging me to keep at this magical gym thing? I’m gonna need it.

x Robi x

SOTD – Paramore: The Only Exception

I saw Shon posting his Song Of The Day picks and I love it. So I’ve decided to start them too.

First of all, I’m a huge music buff. I sing, I can play a little bit here and there but above all, I have a major respect/appreciation for music.

Also, if I could, I would feature Adele’s Rolling In The Deep as SOTD every day.

But for today’s Song Of The Day – It has to go to Paramore and The Only Exception.

There’s just something about this song… I love it.


~ Robi ~