How to deal with Internet trolls

As a well-mannered human being who spends a LOT of time on the Internet, I have come across many a troll.

YouTube, Twitter, News24 comments sections: They’re everywhere.

They lurk in the dark corners of the Internet attacking perfectly nice people and ruining days wherever they go. It’s sad.

I recently watched a popular YouTube vlogger family and unfortunately read the comments. This particular family has a 12-year-old son in it (including other younger kids) and I know that they read the comments on their family videos.

This particular troll decided to attack the son (who is a little overweight) by pointing out that he didn’t want to see the “fat son with his crooked teeth and manboobs”. My first, natural instinct was to defend the poor boy and I got really mad. But no, that wouldn’t help. Trolls just feed like a smelly fungus on the backlash they so crave.

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