Down, Up and Forward

There’s something that the bloggers on the old Parent24 blogs used to do and they called it DUFs.

Every Friday they would share their Downs, Ups and Forwards for the week and I think it’s a cool way to keep track of what’s happening in your life, you know?

Time moves so fast right now and I think it would be nice to have a way of looking back and also making plans for the future.

So basically I’ve decided to bring back DUFs. I think they’re quite similar to the Currently posts some bloggers are doing.

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If you’ve been following me or this blog for a while, you’ll no that about 8 months ago, The Husband lost his job.

He was originally retrenched from Chaos Computers and soon after got another (short-lived) job that he didn’t enjoy but was let go because of bad planning on the part of the employer.

All-in-all, not ideal for a couple that had only been married a couple of months. It was rather stressful and an unexpected turn.

You can read more here: 

Newly-weds: The good and the awful

The awful job situation – AN UPDATE

On the job hunt… Again

BUT – now, after all these months, there’s good news!

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Do you hate your own face?

On the 14th of April, Dove posted this video to their United States YouTube channel. It’s got me all emotional and really thinking about how I see myself.

Just like most women, I’m quick to point out my flaws (my round face, my annoying hair, my big calves etc.) and then I tend to focus on those things. I know I’m not unique. This is a common design flaw in humans. Watching this video  has changed that I think. It’s inspiring to say the least.

Take a look

From the video: Women are their own worst beauty critics. Only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful. At Dove, we are committed to creating a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety. So, we decided to conduct a compelling social experiment that explores how women view their own beauty in contrast to what others see.

What do you think? Do you focus on the negative too?

“Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus”

This young guy wrote this poem explaining just how different Jesus and Religion really are. THIS is what I believe in. THIS is what I do each time I’m going to a “church meeting”. This dude has the right idea.

To Jefferson Bethke – I say thank you!

If you don’t want to watch the video below, at the very least please read the poem:

What if I told you, Jesus came to abolish religion?
What if I told you getting you to vote republican, really wasn’t his mission?
Because republican doesn’t automatically mean Christian,
And just because you call some people blind, doesn’t automatically give you vision.
If religion is so great, why has it started so many wars?
Why does it build huge churches, but fails to feed the poor?
Tells single moms God doesn’t love them if they’ve ever been divorced
Yet God in the Old Testament actually calls the religious people whores
Religion preaches grace, but another thing they practice,
Tend to ridicule Gods people, they did it to John the Baptist,
Cant fix their problems, so they try to mask it,
Not realizing that’s just like sprayin perfume on a casket
Because the problem with religion is that it never gets to the core,
It’s just behavior modification, like a long list of chores.
Let’s dress up the outside, make things look nice and neat,
Its funny that’s what they do to mummies, while the corpse rots underneath,
Now I ain’t judging I’m just saying be careful of putting on a fake look,
Because there’s a problem if people only know that you’re a Christian by that little section on your facebook
In every other aspect of life you know that logics unworthy
Its like saying you play for the lakers just because you bought a jersey
But see I played this game too; no one seemed to be on to me,
I was acting like church kid, while addicted to pornography.
I’d go to church on Sunday, but on saturday getting faded,
Acting as if I was simply created to have sex and get wasted.
Spend my whole life putting on this façade of neatness,
But now that I know Jesus, I boast in my weakness.
If grace is water, then the church should be an ocean,
Cuz its not a museum for good people, it’s a hospital for the broken
I no longer have to hide my failures I don’t have to hide my sin,
Because my salvation doesn’t depend on me, it depends on him.
because when I was Gods enemy and certainly not a fan,
God looked down on me and said, “I want that man!”
Which is so different from religious people, and why Jesus called em fools
Don’t you see hes so much better than just following some rules?
Now let me clarify, I love the church, I love the bible, and I believe in sin
But my question, is if Jesus were here today, would your church let Him in?
Remember He was called a drunkard and a glutton by “religious men”
The Son of God not supported self-righteousness, not now, not then.

Now back to the topic, one thing I think is vital to mention,
How Jesus and religion are on opposite spectrums,
One is the work of God one is a man made invention,
One is the cure and one is the infection.
Because Religion says do, Jesus says done.
Religion says slave, Jesus says son,
Religion puts you in shackles but Jesus sets you free.
Religion makes you blind, but Jesus lets you see.

This is what makes religion and Jesus two different clans,
Religion is man searching for God, but Christianity is God searching for man.
Which is why salvation is freely mine, forgiveness is my own,
Not based on my efforts, but Christ’s obedience alone.
Because he took the crown of thorns, and blood that dripped down his face
He took what we all deserved, that’s why we call it grace.
While being murdered he yelled “father forgive them, they know not what they do”,
Because when he was dangling on that cross, he was thinking of you
He paid for all your sin, and then buried it in the tomb,
Which is why im kneeling at the cross now saying come on there’s room
So know I hate religion, in fact I literally resent it,
Because when Jesus cried It is finished, I believe He meant it.

The video:

It’s all about the choices


Life has a funny way of making us choose.

We have to choose to lie, to tell the truth, to pick up that gamer control when we should be working. That kind of thing. The little things that nobody warns you about. It’s not drugs or alcohol.

Those are seen as the ‘BIG’ choices. Do you choose to have another beer when you should be driving?

I made a HUGE decision that changed my life about 4 years ago. It wasn’t the decision to stop smoking (yes I was smoking at 17) or the decision to keep a firm hold on my virginity when the rest of my friends were throwing it away.

It was bigger than that.

It was the decision to serve Jesus Christ.

Now I know you may have just rolled your eyes because you’ve heard it all before, but let me explain it to you like this.

It was my decision to make that decision. It wasn’t forced onto me. It wasn’t pushed onto me because I was born in a “Christian family”.

No, it was my decision to give over -everything- to someone I had never physically seen because I completely believe that He came to this earth as a man, gave up His Godhood, lived like I do and then died and took all my sin (even though I still mess up) with Him.

Now my life and the rest of the decisions I make revolve around Him. When He says no then it’s no. When He says go then I get up and start moving.

No, for a 21-year-old who enjoyed smoking and living however I pleased, it wasn’t easy. But it is now. No matter the hectic things that go on in my life, I am grounded.

No, I’m not perfect. No, I don’t have it all together. But I wouldn’t want my life to be any other way. I know that I wouldn’t be able to live my life any other way, because without Christ’s love in my life, I’d be lost and broken like I was before. And I never want to go back to that again.

x Robi x