Sisters marrying brothers

No not like that, you weirdo.

But heh, gotcha.

For realsies though – This is what my sister and I did (if you didn’t already know), we married brothers.

Sean and Kim (both about 10 years older than me) met a little while before I met Daniel. They clicked and not long after, they were married.

In December of 2004, Daniel and I met and it wasn’t the Disney-style love at first sight situation. And yet two years later, at the age of 17, Daniel and I started dating.


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Newly-weds: The good and the awful

Let me start this post by saying that I suck at New Year’s Resolutions. I had decided to blog a lot this year and yet, here I am, already a failure.

Oh well, resolutions are stupid anyway right? Right.


One week ago marked me being married to my best friend for 2 whole months. TWO WHOLE MONTHS, you guys! It has been great, I will admit. Daniel and I having our own space has been perfect and there have been no very few fights.

We both lived at home until the day we got married so finally having OUR furniture and OUR space and OUR food, it’s just a huge awesome change. I’ve loved it. Shopping, cleaning, cooking. Especially the cooking. I love cooking. Daniel gets to eat. A lot.


We’ve also become parents! Fur parents that is. (Sorry, Dad. No babies any time soon.)

Crazy amounts of cute
Crazy amounts of cute

Meet Pixel. I’ll do a post on her soon, because she’s ridiculous amounts of awesome.

If you follow me on any sort of social media, but especially Instagram and Twitter, you’ll have noticed the ridiculous amount of kitten photos. I literally put a warning in my Instagram bio. It’s real, you guys.

Warning: Instagram filled with crazy cat lady pictures. Beware!
Warning: Instagram filled with crazy cat lady pictures. Beware!

The awful

So this is where it gets super real, friends.

I realise that being married obviously comes with it’s good and bad. For better and for worse, etc. I didn’t think that Daniel and I would be facing this kind of particular suckery this early on though.

As of yesterday, my beloved husband no longer has a job. His company very suddenly shut down and after 4 years it was rather a shock. Bam. Just like that.

He worked for Chaos Computers, some of you may know it, and thankfully he wasn’t left in the dirt without any salary but still. It’s all very hectic. And weird.

We’re positive though. We both know that only good will come from this. I refuse to let bad energy and sad thoughts and fear beat us into the ground. NOT THIS DAY! (as my good friend Aragon would say.)

So despite the awesomeness, the suckiness and the cuteness – life goes on. We’ll keep loving each other and moving forward. Life’s an adventure right? And you don’t lay down when adventuring – you pick up your sword and beat orcs over the head. (You’re welcome for that inspiring speech.)

Until next time, which will be soon (I promise) – Make good decisions. Or not. No judgies.

Robi xo

I’m guilty of being indifferent

I’m getting married in one week.

Just seven days from now.

And I’ve been so indifferent about this wedding, I’ve even shocked myself.

Until I saw this:

The Battle We Didn't Choose
The Battle We Didn’t Choose

It’s a story about one man and the woman he loves who got cancer. Angelo Merendino photographed his wife’s progression through her years of dealing with cancer until the day it took her away from him.

It’s real and hard to look at and I’m trying not to cry just thinking about it. But it’s life.

I saw that quote by Jennifer, the beautiful woman in the photos, “Love every morsel of the people in your life.” and it dawned on me – even the horrible parts of life are worth loving. Because it may be the last experience you ever have.

I suddenly feel so bad about how I’ve been reacting to my impending nuptials, purely based on how this amazing woman dealt with a disease that was out to end her life.

Who am I to be blasé or annoyed by my upcoming wedding? How dare I brush it aside because I’d rather worry about money?

“Love every morsel of the people in your life.” What could be more important?

So yes, I’m being a little soppy and emotional but it hit me, reading through Jennifer and Angelo’s experiences, that life really is too short to not show the people in our lives that we love them. In turn, life is too short to not love every moment of every day.


xo Robi

The Proposal Party

If you didn’t know, Daniel and I have been dating for 6 years now. We started dating when I was a wee 17 years old.

After a long time of hinting requesting a date for when the big question would be asked (because we had agreed it would be happening at some point…), it finally happened!

Just out of the blue, under the guise of a family braai, I walked into my aunt’s house and got a big surprise. I, however, first ignored said surprise because I really wasn’t expecting anything!

Here’s the video evidence. (Yes, there was much shaking and crying – happily)


1) Don’t ask any questions… Just read. :)

2) Behind me is a row of people – each one also holding a sheet. All you need to do (for now) is read each one OUT LOUD!

3) 6 years ago

4) I thought you made me the happiest man in the world…

5) 6 years on…

6) And my heart still pounds when I think about how much I love you!

7) And I’ve come to realise

8) There is only one way that I can be happier…

The boards I had to read out loud were a speech that Daniel had written. It was so sweet and romantic, just like the man himself. I couldn’t be happier with the proposal and the entire day.

The ring
The ring – Tanzanite – EXACTLY what I wanted!

More than anything, the huge amount of tweets, Facebook messages and Instagram comments that Danny and I received to congratulate us was amazing! We really felt the love. Thank you, everyone!

And again, to my family and loved ones that made the day so amazing and special – Thank you. You all mean the world to me!

Now for the planning! Warp speed ahead! (But not too fast, weddings are expensive.)

Robi xo

Wedding Stuff…

>No, Daniel hasn’t popped the question so I don’t have any exciting news to share but I do have some sort of idea of what I want when that day comes.

I’m not the traditional kinda girl. I don’t want a huge white wedding dress or a traditional diamond ring. I’m want a really small wedding with just my closest friends and family.

My whole wedding (that I’d like) is based around this:

The Arum Lily. My favourite flower.

Poor Daniel is constantly getting emails for sites with cool wedding rings and the poor man must be feeling so much pressure… We *have* been together for just on 4 years though… Anyway.

The Ring. Something different, beautiful, something that reflects my personality (and if it were up to me) have no stone. Like this:

All these rings are from

 Daniel likes this one… Similar to what I want, but with a stone.

The Dress. I, by no means, want a huge white wedding dress that I’ll only ever wear once, won’t feel comfortable in and have to wear high heels with. No thank you.

I want something I’ll be able to wear afterwards to a party and something I can wear kitten heel pumps with. Like this:

BUT: I want the bottom of the dress to fade from the white into a green like how the stem of the Lily fades into the flower, and that dark band would be green too. Plus the white would be more of an off-white.

The entire “theme” of the wedding would be all off-whites and Lily-greens too.

The Flowers. So obviously I want Lilys but depending on whether or not they are available, I’d love to get 3 small beaded Lilys as my bouquet. I have a really big beaded one that Daniel bought for me so I know it’s possible. I think that would be pretty cool. ^_^

But we’ll have to wait and see… :D

What do you think?