New opportunities? I’ll take it.


Or be tiger food…

New opportunities are awesome. And I’ve had a lot of them come my way in the last while. It feels like I’m doing 3 jobs at the moment. At the same time.

But it’s interesting and new and constantly moving, which is good for me who has the potential to get bored easily. I’m learning new skills and it’s fun! Who knew it was possible? ;)

I’m really blessed to be working with the people that I do. They see potential, offer a way forward and aren’t afraid to let me spread my wings a little. It’s perfect.

It’s good to remember that life can be exciting if you’re looking in the right places and willing to say ‘yes’ even when the opportunities seem a little out of your comfort zone and are quite scary.

So here’s to new opportunities: The stress they offer, long days they bring and awesome times they throw at you!