The Internet: The musical

I love the internet, I mean, who doesn’t? I also love music and musicals. I also love and hate internet trends. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr – all of it. They are the worst and the best things about the internet.

The funny and clever people at AVbyte! on YouTube create really good musicals every week. They’re funny and the performers are good!

Seeing as I’m an Instagram addict, I loved this one.

Then there’s Tumblr. It’s a crazy place filled with, well, just watch this musical by AVbyte! and VlogBrothers.

They have a load more and they’re all hilarious, so enjoy!

Also, I’m very cool and now have my own domain. And what do you think of my blog? It’s still a work in progress but I’m trying! (I will conquer you, CSS!)

Oh and a HUGE thanks to André who helped me set up my new blog and who is just plain awesome and clever. Much love to you!


Robi xo

Just another photo blog?

As many of you know, I like to take photos. I’m by no means a photographer and I only ever snap pics with my Motorola MB525 (because I’m too poor/stupid to get an actual camera).

I love having my “camera” in my hand all of the time though so for now, my phone works.

For the fun of it, I created a tumblr where I post my favourite photos. And it’s fun! They’re not amazing but I like them and that’s what counts, right?

You can take a look at it, if you like. Just click the image below.

I have a question for the legit photographers out there – Do you guys get hacked when you see silly pretend photographers like myself punting our low quality wares? Just wondering.