Jack Skellington

I love the moustache meme.

There, I said it.

“I moustache you a question, but I’m shaving it for later” will forever crack me up. I’m just that sorta lame.

I also love the Photo A Day Challenges that @FatMumSlim runs. Go and check them out. They’re loads of fun.

So, seeing as it’s Movember and I love the Mo’ so much, I’ve decided to do my own version of the Photo A Day Challenge and I’m calling it: #JustAddAMo!

I printed mine using the “wallet card” option, so you get 9 on 1 page. :)


I have printed a bunch of the above Mo’ and I will randomly be sticking them on plants, computers, chairs – you name it! Mostly because I want to support a good cause but I’m a chick so no unnecessary facial hair. Sorry. I may leave them there after snapping a pic, or I may take them with me. Who even knows! There are no rules, only fun!

I’ve started already and posted a few on my Instagram. You can check them out there or on my Twitter.

Need more MOtivation? (I also love awful puns) Then watch Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues sing the greatest song ever written about Movember.

So what do you think? Will you be joining me? If you just want to keep tabs on how I spread the Mo’ Love, follow me on Instagram or Twitter, or both. Every week I’ll do a round up of the Mo’ photos so subscribe if you want to see those.

All the Mo'

Happy Movember!

Robi xo

The Internet: The musical

I love the internet, I mean, who doesn’t? I also love music and musicals. I also love and hate internet trends. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr – all of it. They are the worst and the best things about the internet.

The funny and clever people at AVbyte! on YouTube create really good musicals every week. They’re funny and the performers are good!

Seeing as I’m an Instagram addict, I loved this one.

Then there’s Tumblr. It’s a crazy place filled with, well, just watch this musical by AVbyte! and VlogBrothers.

They have a load more and they’re all hilarious, so enjoy!

Also, I’m very cool and now have my own domain. And what do you think of my blog? It’s still a work in progress but I’m trying! (I will conquer you, CSS!)

Oh and a HUGE thanks to André who helped me set up my new blog and who is just plain awesome and clever. Much love to you!


Robi xo

What is ‘Upcycle That’?

Genius Bottle Wall - Upcycle That
Genius Bottle Wall

Have you guys heard of Upcycle That? It’s a great website that gathers together some of  the coolest ideas for taking your old stuff and making it into something awesome.

According to the website, this what upcycling is all about – “It’s taking something that you would otherwise throw out and finding a way to make it into something else.”

Here are a few of my favourite “Upcycles”:

These guys are amazing and it’s an eye opener as to what can be done with the things you have in your own right now.

Check them out. They deserve some love.

Like Upcycle That on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and they’re on Pinterest too!

Review: Body Thrills Lemon, Lime & Juniper Berry Facial Scrub

Body Thrills Lemon, Lime & Juniper Berry Facial Scrub
Thrill your face off

Need a natural, delicious-smelling facial scrub? Then you should give this Body Thrills product a try.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on some of this zesty scrub and it’s honestly quite fantastic.

I have annoying, super sensitive combination skin and it often freaks out on me. I’m very wary of trying just anything on my face but after seeing @ExMi rave about how it’s cleared up her skin, I was willing to give it a try.

Who is Body Thrills?

Body Thrills is a South African company that was “born from the need to create a range of products that are natural, preservative-free and entirely delicious”.

At first glance… and sniff

After screwing off the lid the first thing you smell is lemongrass and lime. It’s super refreshing and reminds me of summer. The grainy feel of the scrub had me thinking of sugar and I could tell it would be a great for exfoliation.

The first use

After wetting my face and scooping out some of the scrub, it was just a matter of rubbing it on my face and neck. I left it to settle for a few moments before washing it off with a face cloth. It was easy to apply and easy to remove which is a big plus in my book as some scrubs can be a pain to wash off.

My face was smooth and soft afterwards. Surprisingly so. I was genuinely impressed. Plus that awesome lemongrass smell hung around for quite sometime.

My skin is tricky so after a couple of hours I applied my usual moisturiser but there are those who’ve reported that they didn’t need to.

What’s in it?

This exfoliating and moisturising scrub is made with lemongrass, juniper berries, lime, lemon, shea butter and almond oil. Sounds good enough to eat!


You can grab a 125ml tub of this yummy scrub for R80. Order it here from the website.

Body Thrills (you can follow them on Twitter) was created and is run by @ExMi and the rest of the team: @LexiFontein and @Wallfish.

Please note: This is not a sponsored blogpost. I have not been paid to review this product in anyway.