A baby turtle munches a raspberry

If you’re needing something cute to make your day then this would be it. I just love how chill this teeny tiny baby turtle is. I’m sure there’s some deep lesson we could all learn from this little guy. For now though just watch the cuteness.

Also, his name is Peanut. *So cute!*

You’re welcome.

Robi x

Everybody hurts…

There’s been a lot of pain in the lives of the people I love lately.

Loss, fighting, heartache, uncertainty. In all honesty, it sucks.

I cried more in this week than I have my entire life. Puffy face much? Yup.

For someone who pretty much feeds off of other people’s emotions, it’s not easy having the people you truly love trying to mend their broken hearts around you.

Even worse is that I can’t fix it. There’s nothing I can do but hold my best friend’s hand and pray that the pain comes to a swift end.

I guess love and a hug when they need it is the only way to keep going forward.

Also, this song is stuck in my head… Your turn for an earworm!

R.E.M – Everybody Hurts

Love and happy thoughts,


Video of the Day: Graeme Watkins Project!

Graeme Watkins Project
Graeme Watkins Project

If you haven’t heard of South Africa’s coolest band, Graeme Watkins Project, I’m about to change your life.

The video below was the first taste I had of this awesome band. They’re edgy and the music is chilled. I’m definitely a fan!

There’s more: See that chick with the black hat and blue jersey in the video? That’s me! Haha. Mini-famous. That’s me.

They came to visit the 24.com offices and Channel24 interviewed them. Here’s the article. (Click it!)

So for now, enjoy this video of GWP performing Holding On: