The ‘F’ word

Day 3 of the #WritersBootcampZA challenge. Today’s prompt: One of my greatest fears.

Yesterday’s prompt was about my favourite words and I can say that “fear” is by far my LEAST favourite word. I hate every feeling it forces onto my brain. I hate the tight squeeze in my chest. I hate being controlled by a feeling that does nothing but spread negativity.

I have a stupid (but terrifying) fear of moths. I know. Moths.

That’s the only fear I’m willing to think about because even considering losing my husband or any of my family members just hurts too much. Plus that just leads to sadness and weeping and ridiculous thoughts. So yes, moths. That’s my greatest fear.

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For the love of words!

Phew. Just squeaking in today’s #WritersBootcampZA post. Today’s prompt is “my 5 favourite words”.

As someone whose job it is to write every day (which I do at, words are so special. At times they all seem to jumble together. Especially after a long day of looking for the perfect word.

Here are my 5 favourite words. Nothing fancy or too clever. Just words that I love.

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