Take my blood, take my organs

Have you ever considered what will happen to your body once you die?

A little morbid for a Monday, right? But just hear me out.

We have all of these useful little things that our bodies are made up of and once we die, they just rot and turn to dust. It seems a bit of a waste doesn’t it?

Recently I became a blood donor and I was rather scared to start off. I mean, no one really likes needles but after a little deep breathing and a juice box, I did it. I felt rather proud of myself.

Most of all I felt really good when the nurse said that my blood would more than likely help newborns. I’m O Negative, that apparently rare and magical blood type that anyone can use. I’m basically a unicorn.

Oh and June is National Blood Donor Month so you may as well start now! Even better, go and sign up (which is super quick and easy) on 14 June which is World Blood Donor Day.


I also signed up to be an organ donor a few years ago because I’m not a fan of waste. I say once my spirit has left this meat sack, the medical world can take what it needs and burn the rest. Heck, I won’t need it anymore.

Also, I request that my ashes be sprinkled near some sharks so that I can swim with those suckers forever and they won’t be able to do anything about it. Ha!

But seriously

If y’all want to know more about donating your body bits, I’ll put all of the links below.

South African National Blood Service

Western Province Blood Transfusion Service

The Organ Donor Foundation 

How do you feel about blood and organ donation? Gross? Awesome?

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