Taking a tumble down Memory Lane


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. I seem to get very ‘I think I’ll look back on my life and laugh and cry for a bit’ whenever I get to this time of year.

Mostly because in a couple of days time , on the 27th of April, it’ll be my birthday. My 22nd birthday to be exact.

So in the spirit of stay positive, I thought I’d tumble down memory lane rather randomly and jot down some of the happier memories I have.

  • Getting a puppy for my birthday.
  • Swimming with my cousins and siblings each Christmas and getting burnt and tired, but so happy.
  • Opening presents on just about every birthday.
  • Making my first best friend.
  • Kissing Daniel for the first time… And every time after that.
  • Finishing Matric (I really hated school).
  • Having my first surprise party thrown for me. And it was my 21st too. Best¬† birthday ever.
  • Spending the afternoon and evening on the beach with Daniel. We took photos and laughed and had fun.
  • Hearing my niece and nephew say my name for the first time.

Of course there are loads more.  I could just keep going.

Where would we be without good memories? Sad, lonely and pathetic, that’s where.

Feel free to share some of your happiest memories!

P.S. Do you like the new WordPress version of Curious Robyn? :D

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