The best things about living in a complex

A little under a month ago I wrote a post called The worst things about living in a complex. It was super popular, at least for my little slice of the Internet called Curious Robyn.

It was even featured on Women24!


I’ve decided to highlight some of the nicer points about #ComplexLiving in this post, because every cloud has a silver lining right?

**Disclaimer: I’m talking about my complex here and my experiences. I’d love to hear yours in the comments though!**

1. Security. Our complex has a security gate which can only be accessed by cellphones that are programmed to open it. It’s also surrounded by high walls topped with electric barbed wire. It doesn’t look like a prison and it’s safe. I like safety. Especially when Daniel has to work and I’m alone with the kitten. (She’s not very good at chasing away predators.)

2. All the kitties! We live in a cat-friendly complex. As long as your cats are spayed or neutered, the complex owners have no problems with the feline friends. This means that not only do I get to keep my darling Pixel but I get to play with and give love to all of the other kitties in the complex. This makes me happy.

3. Taking out the trash. The fact that we don’t have to worry about dragging our giant black trash bins out to the corner in time for the garbage collection people each week is fantastic. We just have to make sure our trash is in the bin room and it gets sorted out on our behalf.

4. Mowing the lawn. We have quite a bit of green lawn and it’s beautiful, but I love the fact that we don’t have to mow the lawn or clear away the leaves or clean up the flower beds. We also don’t have to hire someone because the complex managers do that. (The same can be said for not not having to clean the pool.)

5. Neighbours. As annoying as neighbours who are in such close proximity can be, it’s sometimes nice to hear other people around and to know that you’re not alone if you need help. Again, this is when Daniel is at work and I’m alone at home. I’m used to living in a house filled with people so at times, the silence can be a little deafening.

Now it’s your turn! Share away. x

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