The joys of being an introvert

Happy introvert

Growing up I never considered myself an introvert. I was chatty and didn’t mind being the centre of attention.

As I got older I realised that being around people was fine but draining. And if I didn’t have my alone time I would get anxious and feel worn out. The chatty periods were not something I could keep up for long before needing to break away.

The concept of different types of introvert/extrovert personalities is quite a long and complex study. Not what this post is about.

I think many people consider being introverted a negative thing. If it cripples human interaction and turns you into a hermit, then sure, that’s an issue. But for me, I just really enjoy being alone. The same way I enjoy being around people from time to time.

Daniel doesn’t count as “people” for me. Being around my husband is not a drain. In fact, he helps recharge me. Every once in a while though, like today, I’m alone. All day. Left to my own devices and I’ll tell you, it’s quite something.

There’s so pressure, no rush, no needing to entertain. Pure brain recharge and soul restoring alone time. I cleaned the house until I was sweating in this summer heat. Then I watched a movie, had a small nap, ate a little meal and soaked in the tub before settling in to watch Harry Potter.

I’m not lonely. Not sad. Just content.

Do you like alone time or thrive on human interaction? I’m interested.

Chat soon (and welcome to 2015!)

10 thoughts on “The joys of being an introvert

    1. Haha! Strangely enough, work doesn’t drain me. Probably because I don’t have a choice in the matter. And that’s where I see you, so no, you don’t count as people. ^_^ Love you x

  1. I completely get what you mean about Daniel not draining you, am the same around The Person, he keeps me in check, sane, helps me recharge but I still need days completely alone because raising a kid when you’re an introvert is taxing and even though I love my men dearly there are simply times I need “me time”

  2. I relate fully to your post. I get on very well with myself and find me good company. The Old Man has retired now and so there is no longer the luxury of him being away on a business trip for one or two nights a week! :-) Do you know that Im relieved when I wave goodbye to the children after they’ve been here for supper! Thats quite scandalous, isnt it!

  3. I totally relate to your post. My fiance is the extrovert so we have that balance and he brings me out of my shell at times.

  4. I totally relate. Though I love being around people and don’t suffer from social awkwardness, I’m more content in my own company. Jonkersville (my house) has a population of 5 so alone time is a NEED in order for to recharge to remain sane around anyone else.

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