The laziest weekend that was

Last year I wrote a blog post about not wanting to live for the weekend, but guys, weekends are great. I always feel like I’m working (don’t we all?) and weekends are the perfect time to stop.

The laziest weekend

I work a full work week and I often work evenings during the week too. It’s great and I love to work. Plus, I know that I have it easy not being a mommy and having little ones to look after.

However, I don’t know if this is my mom’s influence or because I feel bad that Daniel works all weekend and I don’t, but I find myself forcing extra work into my life. When the laptop is closed and the paid work is done, I start finding things to do. I fill my weekends with cleaning and washing clothing and more cleaning and when I stop I feel guilty. I’m not even sure why! I know Daniel would never come home and shout about the bed not being made or the bathroom not being extra clean. He’d never shout at all. We’re not that kind of couple. In fact, he often tells me to leave the cleaning up and we can do it together.

But no, I work and worry about work all weekend. It’s silly. Completely ridiculous. Especially considering the tiny flat that we live in (which never seems to be clean enough…)

But this weekend was different. Starting Friday night I made a conscious decision to not do any extra work for as long as possible. And I succeeded. Plus I didn’t feel guilty.

Colouring in like an adult

I spend a lot of time alone during the weekend hours with Daniel being at work so much but I don’t mind. I like alone time. So I spent Saturday morning and afternoon catching up on the first season of The 100 and colouring in. Like a kid! And it was amazing.

I grabbed this free printable colouring-in image off of Cupcakemummy’s blog and had at it.  It’s even better than I remember. It’s relaxing and soothing and I found my mind drifting off calmly while getting a little creative. I can’t wait to do some more. Here’s the finished product.

Colouring in, weekend relax time

The rest of my weekend was spent in much the same way. Daniel was at his brother for most of Saturday and it was nice to have alone time with my thoughts. Not worries, thoughts. Because sometimes you have to force your brain to steer clear of negativity and dwell only on the positive – for sanity’s sake.

I read, I cooked, I watched videos and relaxed. The entire weekend was spent being calm. Which I’ve realised is not my natural state. I’ve somehow become a wound up human who is constantly on the edge. I guess life will do that to you, but I didn’t even notice it happening. I’m glad I have though, because that means I can take note of it and try and do something. It won’t always work, but I can try right?

Forgive me for my weekends

I know that to moms and dads who are always on the go or to those who work 7 days a week, I must sound annoying. And you may want to slap me upside the head a little. I get that, but right now, this is my life and I have to deal with the stress and relaxation that’s thrown my way as it is at this moment. I’m sure in the future when I have a baby and I haven’t slept more than 3 hours in 2 weeks, I’ll look back on these times with fondness. For now, I’ll get into bed with my husband and cuddle my cat, because Monday is coming, and it has enough evils of its own for me to worry about it right now.

And on that note, bring it, Monday. I’m ready for you.

Weekend prep, here comes Monday

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