The sleepy week of DOOM! (And a SOTD)

Yes, this is a Pokemom. He likes to sleep. He is Snorlax.

I don’t know about you guys but I have been a sleepy sausage this entire week. No matter how early or late I go to bed, I’m tired. No matter how well I sleep or if I had dreams or not, I’m tired.


And I know I’m not the only one. Food24‘s Meagan and my work-spouse, Zayaan, have also been sleepy chickens this week.

Thankfully it’s weekend and I’m sure there will be some lazy nap times in my future. I sure need them.

Right now, all that’s keeping me awake is the music blasting in my ears. And just like that, there’s a song of the day:

30 Seconds to Mars: Closer to the edge

Thank you Darling Jared, Shannon and Tomo.

Also, I wrote a Doting Aunt Parent24 blog: Where Luke has a temper and Amy has the joy of a herd of sparkly unicorns. Read ‘No HELLO, Amy!’.

From a sleepy Robi, happy weekend everyone! x

P.S. I changed the look of my blog. You like?

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