The tale of two Bettys

Welcome to 2013!

Wait, am I late?

Darn. Hate it when that happens.

Anyway! Let’s move on and just accept that this is my first post of 2013 and we’re almost done with February. Commitment, y’all!

So I was having a thought the other day (after just having watched every episode of Ugly Betty) and I realised that I may have a personality crisis.

No, I’m not about to go all Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde or Bruce Banner and The Hulk on you. Let me explain.

Two Bettys

Ugly Betty
Sweet, lovable Betty


I have 2 Bettys which I love. One being the loveable and quirky Betty Suarez (aka “Ugly Betty”) played by beautiful America Ferrara. She’s clumsy, not really accepted because of what she looks like but intelligent and really sort of great.


Betty Boop
The fabulous Betty Boop


The second Betty is Betty Boop. She’s fun and confident and vivacious and daring. She’s fabulous. She’s always been my favourite cartoon character. I even dressed up as her for a birthday party once.


Betty and her man
Betty and her man (i.e. Daniel and I)


Which Betty Am I?

There are days I wake up and feel like either one Betty or the other. Some day I feel confident and beautiful. Other days I feel rather dull and hideous. Silly, right?  Well it is what it is. Maybe it’s hormones, maybe it’s normal.

Thankfully I have 3 things in my life that ground me.

My faith.

My family.

My friends.

These 3 constants are what keep me sane and  happy.

So that was my rather arb thought. Do you have anyone on TV/cartoon character etc. that you can relate to?

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