Tiny bundle of utter madness

You may wonder to whom the title of this post is referring… Well, that would be my 4-month-old kitten, Pixel.


As the first cat I’ve ever had the privilege of belonging to, I got lucky with Pixel. Daniel and I know as much.

You see, Pixel and her siblings were found abandoned in an informal settlement at 3 weeks old. She’s never really known her cat mom and has been raised by humans ever since. The result is a cat that LOVES kisses, being held like a baby and prefers sleeping on my pillow to anywhere else.

She also cries if Daniel or myself leave the house. She likes her humans together and preferably in the same room.


As loving and awesome Pixel can be, she’s also an insane handful. She’s a constant ball of energy and nothing can slow her down once she gets started.

But she’s only 4 months old so I guess that’s normal, right?

Whatever, she’s the cutest darn thing you’ll ever lay your eyes on so crazy kitty or not, she’s mine. And I love her.

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