To a friend


Dear Tamsin

You’re leaving soon. Wednesday is your last day and everybody knows that I’m going to be a wreck. Or good grief, I’m already fighting back the tears.

I just wanted to say, out here in the open, that I’m thankful for you.

We may only have had a year to work together but it’s forged a friendship that I can only hope will last a lifetime.

You very quickly went from being the cocky-new-intern to friend to sister. Someone I can trust and count on.

Thank you so much for just being who you are and for always having a smile on your face. :) Even when you’re having a rough day, you find something to smile about and that’s so important.

Thank you for teaching me how to laugh more, look at the light side of life and appreciate myself.

You probably didn’t even realise that you’ve taught me those things but you did…

I’ll miss you when you leave. I’ll miss the morning (and afternoon) hugs and kisses.

I’ll miss the coffee and pee breaks together.

I’ll miss the drama and stories that make up your life.

I know you’ll be amazing wherever you go and whatever you put your hand to in life. So good luck!

The entire reason I’ve written this letter is because… Sometimes in life… The intern becomes your best friend.

Love you always Chick!

Looking forward to those breakfast meetups at Canal Walk ;)




2 thoughts on “To a friend

  1. >True friends meet under the strangest circumstances! I never thought that the reason I don't want to leave is because I don't want to sit next to anyone else while I upload stories!You taught me how to take myself a little more seriously, you taught me to put my foot down and never compromise myself or my heart…No one laughs with me the way you do, about anything and EVERYTHING!Sometimes in life you meet people and they change your life for the better and become so much more than a colleague. :)You're my bestest meisie and you know it ;)I love youx

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