Up, down and forward march

The road after winter
‘The road after winter’ via Freepik.com

Hello after many moons, dear blog friends.

As you can see and you may have noticed (or not), I’ve been MIA for a while. I guess my brain just needed a little break. Also I wasn’t entirely happy with the last time I changed the look of my blog so you may have noticed that I changed it again. I’m still working on it but I have too little patience to work on it in secret so here it is!

We’ll see how long this look lasts. It seems I am a fickle blog owner and I like to change it up more often than I thought. Oh well! It’s fun, so why not?

I thought I would get back into the swing of things by doing a quick Up, Down, Forward post. They’re useful for getting my brain in some sort of order, so here it goes.


It’s winter and that means I’m happy. I thrive in the colder weather (probably thanks to my Welsh and Scottish roots) and generally I’m a happier human when it’s cold and blustery outside. Plus, who doesn’t love being wrapped up in a blanket with the person you love, watching movies when it’s pouring with rain?


I’ve had ZERO motivation to blog recently. My brain is a little lacking in the juice area after a full day of work and a long evening of freelancing. That means my downtime is filled with *not* writing. But I don’t think that’s a bad thing. A little recharge is good for the creativity!

After lamenting about this particular problem on the South African Bloggers Facebook group (which is still growing so nicely and if you haven’t joined yet, you definitely should), the lovely Maz shared this 30-day blogging challenge and I may just give some of them a try. Hopefully having a specific topic will help my brain kick back into gear.

Blogging challenge


Life seems to be moving at a head-spinning pace lately and I’ve had to make a few decisions – adult decisions and it’s actually quite an exciting time. I’ll keep you updated as things progress but for now, the future is bright.

Also, Pitch Perfect 2 landed in theatres today and I am STOKED, you guys. I love Rebel Wilson and I loved the first movie so that’s definitely something I’m looking forward to!

Lastly, it’s my mom’s 60th birthday on Monday so the family is going out to celebrate the special lady on Sunday. I love time with my family and birthdays are awesome. Plus, I get to give presents! Handing out presents is the best feeling. This weekend is shaping up to be a good one, folks. And I really hope yours is too.

Happy blogging and warm hugs!


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